About Us

Since the establishment of “Basic Chemicals Co. FZE” in 2005, we have been trading in raw materials for Detergent and Personal Care, Paint and Food industries. We are supplying intermediary chemicals to end users as well as distributors over 30 countries worldwide.

Our main markets are in Middle East, Africa, India subcontinent and Latin America. Our business partners in different countries add value by giving their local experience and knowledge so we can provide great satisfaction to our customers.

Basic Chemicals Company is with you for a perfect “Sourcing, Marketing, Financing & Logistics” of your needs.


All products are being sourced from only reputable and reliable manufacturers to ensure to get the quality products and consistent supply. We source mostly from Asia and Europe.


Basic Chemicals trade in Industrial Intermediaries and therefore one to one interaction with our customers is the key to our growth and keeping this in mind, we regularly visit our customers and do listen to their need and improve upon our service level.


To become successful in today’s competitive business environment, Supply Chain Management plays an important role and therefore, our logistic team always try to reduce lead time by executing orders on time by coordinating with the manufacturers so our buyers can keep minimum inventory levels. They always look at various alternative options to reduce logistics cost.


Basic Chemicals take positions for the trading of these commodities wherein hedging takes an important role so our professional Finance team arranges trade financing and factoring through our associate in Europe.


Basic Chemicals offers a wide variety of products, from different suppliers from Europe, China, India and other parts of the world. Our specialized fields are raw materials for coatings and detergents, but we try to include other materials to our range of products in order to cater our existing and potential clients.